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Partners final meeting at Bucharest, Romania

At the end of the project, from 22. - 25. July 2022, partners met in Bucharest, Romania for the final evaluation meeting. Partners discussed results of the project and expressed their satisfaction with the successfully completed project.

The partners concluded that they were very happy with the partnership too, and that they would like to continue to work on future sports projects, as well as to continue 4Ball4Country games as a self-funded ongoing project too.

As all partner organizations have acquired necessary equipment for training and playing all 4 sports, partners have concluded that organizing the next 4Ball4Country games event will be possible and more affordable.

This is why partners have agreed to organize a 4Ball4Country games next year in June, again in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Preparations have already started, since the main obstacle will be finding necessary financing for the winning teams to travel to the final event in Amsterdam again next year.

This collaboration between smaller European countries displayed determination from all the partners to complete the project, involve local communities, young people embracing European values and friendship.